Is it possible to get cold feet before you’ve even met the person you’re going to marry? I went to a psychic today, a legitimate, wonderful medium of a man. Who in the past has accurately described specific events to members of my family before they occurred. And he confidently told me that I will meet my match in June or July of next year and be married within 18-22 months. According to him I may meet him while bar-tending on a cruise ship and there is a good chance he is a member of a band/orchestra. More specifically, someone from Nova Scotia. As if that doesn’t terrify me enough, he predicts I will be pregnant 18 months later, with either twins or 3 separate children, starting with a boy. I always thought I wanted to get married, but the thought of this happening so soon is shocking and the thought of having kids has always been one of my biggest fears. I am getting very worked up about this children thing, it is very scary to me. The first thing he predicted is in a week and a half, he said I will receive two call-backs regarding jobs and likely take one in a sports bar. If that proves to be true, I’m very nervous and excited for what my future holds.
Son of A Beech & Notorious P.I.G at The Works, Brampton.

Son of A Beech & Notorious P.I.G at The Works, Brampton.

The thing about sharing something undeniably special
with a man who left his fiancé and girlfriend of seven years is…
he’ll go back to her and it will be as if you never really
existed at all. But it’s extraordinary encounters like that
which shake you to your very core and change your life forever.